Our Mission: To Empower Women and Youth to SPEAK OUT about Domestic Violence; in addition to Providing a Voice to those who were Silenced.

Thank you for your Interest in our 2nd Annual Pitch Black Fashion Weekend.  Scheduled for July 14th-16th 2017.

In attendance, will be some of Atlanta's Fashion and Marketing Elite! 


Pitch Black Fashion Weekend was Inspired by a Model, in Philadelphia, PA, by the name of Vanessa Banks and founded by Shay Pate of Scripted 1 Clothing Line on October 23rd, 2013.  She was Murdered, on January 31, 2012, during a disagreement with her boyfriend.  He shot her in the face, then killed himself. 
Miss Banks was the Lead Model and VP of Scripted Clothing Line. She Inspired many people and was an Amazing Force in the Fashion Industry. 

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse is something that many people are victims of. Our Lead Designer, for this event, was Abused, as a child, Physically, Mentally, and Sexually, until she was 15 years old.  Later in Life, She got into Relationships, where she was, again, Physically Abused, by her mate.

Abuse Should not be taken lightly and our Sole Goal is to Empower and Educate Individuals to KNOW THE SIGNS, TO GET OUT and TO SPEAK UP!!!!

Help us bring them joy, in the light of fashion.